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Tonic Lotion – Orange

Specialized for the normal combination, the first idea behind the "orange" tonic lotion was to create a different version of the "purple" tonic lotion - basic. The base of the composition are the flowers of the orange tree, an ideal component for the maintenance of skin elasticity, and lavender with its soothing properties. The particularity of the "orange" version is due to a combination of two plant extracts: Cucumber for toning and pineapple for detoxification. Allantoin, another very useful ingredient, as well as pro-vitamin B5, with moisturizing, keratolytic and healing properties, are increasing the water content and enhancing the desquamation of upper layers of dead skin cells, resulting smoother and brighter skin; Tonic lotion is of course an essential supplement of the cleansing milk, but with the revitalizing sensation that provides to the face, it is a very good addition before the application of the regular day cream. Moreover, it can easily be used as a light make-up remover (avoiding the eye and lip area). Let's not forget the amazing and refreshing smell of orange flowers! A great way to start your day! Check out about the magic properties of tonic water.
Key ingredients: Citrus Aurantium hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, glycerin, aloe vera, cucumber extract, pineapple extract, allantoin, pro-vitamin B5.
Quantity: 150 ml.