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Facial Creams - The essentials

Basic moisturization -as well as cleaning- of the face skin area is a necessity for every woman in daily basis. The needs are defined partly from the age, but a huge role has the nature of the skin itself, as well as the environment. There are plenty of examples were a younger skin demands more specialized attention compaired to a mature one. For that reason, each recipy is based in the needs of the skin, which are not always in parallel with the age.
Some of the recipies are:
•  For Intensive Moisturization – A moisturizing cream with rich composition, suitable for the sensitive skin as well. With basic antiaging action, it is covering the needs of young dry/complex skin.

•  Firming & Anti-Ageing “+” – A fortified versionπροσώπου σύσφιγξης αντιγήρανσης4 of the "Firming & Antiaging" facial cream, for the intensive care of the mature skin.
Firming & Anti-Ageing “+” With snail elixir - Snail elixir is a known material, especially for its healing and anti-ageing properties. This recipy is an advanced version of “Firming & Anti-Ageing “+” moisturizing facial cream, with deep nurishing effects and powerful anti-ageing and antioxidizing properties.

*Limited edition!! In limited number, all the above in special smaller (40ml) vase, practical for your vacation!

*Each facial cream can be combined with a suitable cream for the eye area, for complete attention. For example Firming & Anti-Ageing “+” facial cream with "Firming & Anti-Ageing" eye cream, or "Firming & Anti-Ageing “+” With snail elixir" facial cream with "Eye Cream "+"" for highly effective action.
προσώπου σύσφιγξης αντιγήρανσης κ ματιώνσαλιγκάρι  ματιών