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Facial Moisturizer

Extra Moisturizing Mask for all skin types. Cleansing is a very important aspect of skin maintenance. Independent of the skin type, face must be cleaned regularly. The problem is that after a more intense cleansing session (with a clay mask for example) the face feels dehydrated and, depending on the type, needs more or less moisture in order to recover and feel "normal" again. For this purpose, the powerful combination of Facial Moisturizer consists of: Hazelnut oil (quick absorption), rice bran oil (ideal for intense moisturization), grapeseed oil (anti-ageing & antioxidant) & cocoa butter (ideal for the cold, for moisturization and exceptional for healing and small lines filling). The connective link of the above collection is conditioner emulsifier that keeps the mask highly concentrated, but preserving a velvet sensation. The distinctiveness of the mask is that it contains no water at all, so a very small amount (with the little spoon) is enough for all the face. The recipe is wrapped in an amazing jasmine perfume. In combination with the cleansing treatment with clay masks, the face looks bright and rejuvenated. This mask can be used independently as well, as an alternative to the Facial Night Cream.
Key ingredients:  Hazelnut oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter, jasmine perfume.
Instructions: We apply a small amound (depending on how much we need) in clean and dry face without forgetting our neck, but avoiding the area very close to the eyes. Since we normally apply this product at night, I like to leave it there to let it work as long as possible. In case that you feel too "shiny", use a small cotton dry / or with some tonic lotion in order to remove the unnecessary oil.
Quantity: 20ml.