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Black Marmalade

The purpose of each marmalade is to cover a specific facial need in depth, in the best possible way. Cleansing is a very important procedure for skin maintenance. A typical situation for the oily (woman's or man's) complexion is the greasy texture that becomes worse during a stressful period. The oily face looks shiny, tired and dull. Black Marmalade is specialy made for this facial type. It combines activated carbon which is a highly absorbent material, with bentonite clay, well known for its detoxicated abilities. In the powerful combination, black pearl extract is an exceptional addition for the dullness because it brightens the skin, acting as a moisturizer and mild abrasive. Hazelnut oil is added in order to avoid the itchy feeling after the use of the mask. Finally, the clean sensation is completed from the refreshing cucumber extract and a relaxing unisex fresh scent.
Key ingredients: Water, activated carbon, bentonite, hazelnut oil, sodium lactate, black pearl extract, cucumber extract.
Instructions: The safest way to apply a clay facial mask - especially a bentonite mixture - is to combine the clay with the rest of the ingredients just before the use. You win 1) Less preservation 2) The exact amount of clay dependind on your needs and 3) More clay = better cleansing + more product! It's a fact that products that incorporate clay from the begining are necessarily using less amound of it. In a wide necked glass jar place 2 tiny spoons of the corresponding clay and add a few drops of water, or your favorite tonic lotion. A little spoon will help you transfer the clay, so that the rest of the clay remains safely dry in an amber jar. Then, add about 5 ml of “marmalade” active gel and stire. This is also the amound that you are going to need for a single use. Apply the mask in clean and dry face without forgetting the neck, but avoiding the area around the eyes. Let it dry 10-15 minutes. You will have a stretching sensation and the mask becomes "solid". Remove the mask with lukewarm water. Finally, moisturize the face with a Moisturizing Mask, or with your Facial Cream. If you have fixed extra mixture then great! Keep it safe and sealed in the wide necked jar and in the fridge and use it within a week. The mask is applied ones per week.
black kitQuantity: The set is completed with 40ml of marmalade active gel and 14g black clay mixture (at least for 8 applications), a wide necked jar for mixing and a tiny little spoon for transfering the clay.