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Comforting Body Cream

My grandmother used to make a “wax-cream”. It is a homemade multitask cream made from olive oil and beeswax. She used it for small accidents within the house - a burn from the oven, irritated hands and other similar little problems. What would you think about a modern version of it? The “Comforting Body Cream” is a recipe for a wax-cream but transformed in an easy-to-use lotion. In this handy form, it is much easier to use it on hands which are sensitive to the cold or the sun, or on waxed legs. Even in the modern version, we must keep the benefits of the tradition. So the olive oil with it's amazing properties is the basic oil of this lotion. The recipe is enriched with two powerful oils. Grape-seed oil moisturize the skin but without the unpleasant greasiness, while st. john’s wort is a nutrient with beneficial ingredients to comfort the skin from everyday irritations. The colection is enhanced by aloe vera, with cooling and soothing properties. And of course the lotion is complete with a very pleasant and refreshing smell!
Key ingredients: Glycerin, olive oil, st john’s wort (oil), grape seed oil, aloe vera, D-panthenol, allantoin, perfume.
Quantity: 100 ml