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"needle tricks"

Cozy afternoons in the winter or a spring refreshment? Do you want to select? No, since you can have everything! The suitable accessory has the power to elevate your spirit, and this is what "needle tricks" do with their needles!

1st Rummaging 3/2014: We have to admit that this has happened at least ones to every woman: Α gorgeous-by-first-sight accessory embeds into our mind and in no time our life's purpose is to get it!

2This was for me the first trigger that led me to become -very fast- a "needle tricks" fan. Julia and Areti are creating a very exciting collection of accessories! You will never get used to their beautiful and simple designs, which makes them the "easy way out", an integral part of your wardrobe.

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It was not difficult to …rummage "needle tricks". Julia and Areti love the materials that they are using and they have a beautiful philosophy behind every creation. Luckily for us, their "tricks" did not stay hidden in a drawer. In the few months of their existence "needle tricks" have got a loyal audience and their ideas find no limits! 6

It is a –fortunate- fact that when we are looking for an accessory, we have plenty of choices. It is always worth to select something that we really like and we will be able to fit it well with our personality. When I am thinking about "needle tricks" my mind goes to: Simple lines but always (!) with elegant details which make each creation unique, warm colors and designs that match with everything, in combination with materials that feel like a cuddle. It is very easy to wear their accessories with a simple every day outfit, but they also fit perfectly with a party dress. In every step of your choice you will have substantial help from both girls, which will make you feel relaxed and will help you to figure out what is the suitable choice for you. At the end you will gladly get carried away!
You will find "needle tricks" in their webpage www.needletricks.com and in their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/needle-tricks/174435369426194

Kallia ;)