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DSC00013β11/2016: Improved version! I am very proud of the improved perfume oils! Two basic changes happened: The first is the replacement of sweet almond oil with grapeseed oil. With it's amazing properties and light texture, grapeseed in combination with the easily absorbed jojoba oil, makes the perfume even more light in texture, nourishing for the body and very easy to wear. The second is that the coconut oil smells even more coconut! Everyone
who loves the scent of coconut as I do -yes, DSC09998γeven for the winter- knows how difficult is to strengthen it's very discreet perfume. Something better has happened with the combination of 3 different scents from the "coconut family". Bitter orange still has it's characteristic worm and yet revitalizing sence. Both perfumes are discreet, but the scent remains long after the application. Since the texture is light, they can be used as a wonderful alternative of the body cream. For everyone who needs more details, keep reading ;)


First version: I am not a perfumer; to be more specific, I am very far from that. It is a very demanding profession with years of training, studies and a great deal of imagination. More like an art. But I was always a very big fan of perfume materials. Actually, I get fascinated from the chemistry behind these materials, the singularity of each combination and the unique way that they can trigger your senses and more than that, your DSC00008δfeelings.
This is the reason that I could not resist to a small game with two scents that I love. Through this game, two different perfume oils were born. Their bace is a mixture of almond and jojoba oil, both of which are very light and fastly absorbed, in order to avoid an umpleasant greasy feeling.

μπουκαλάκι φτηνόI love coconut and I am always in request of perfumes that they actually smell coconut. So my first effort was definitely going to be this, a coconut combination! In order to achieve a pleasant smell that will last, I combined the coconut scent with vanilla, hazelnut, and benzoin essential oil which would give a warm and deep sence to the final result.

orangeIn the second perfume oil attempt, the prevailing scent was the flowers of bitter orange, which is another smell that I love. Again I wanted to achieve a warm scent, but in a more "acidic" result. The bitter orange scent is featured with neroli essential oil which enhances the acidic tone, while patsouli essential oil provides -again a warm tone.

Both of them are oils, so you are not going to spray a lot of each every time you use them. And I was very happy when I realized that with the new coconut perfume oil, I have a nice summer pair, with the "Coconut & Hazelnut" body cream! Mission accomplished ;)

...About a year later, a spring pair is created: "Bitter Orange" perfume oil with my new "Bitter Orange" body cream!

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