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The "Little Roses" project

little rosesa3Last fall (2013) my sister came to me with a very pleasant request; To prepare with her the guest treats for my nephew's baptism, witch was going to take place at the end of May. My sister is fond of lavender perfume, so she had already decided that a lavender soap would be a nice gift, since everyone is actually going to use it. The idea that she had in her mind was something that would be simple and elegant (natural colored packaging and minimal decoration), so we felt that the soap could handle being ...less simple. The mold request led us to little roses and the "little roses" project was born!

little roses 3

It may sound easy but it's not, especially if you are fond of the cold saponification method as I am. The difficulty is not in handling the materials. The amound of each batch was calculated in order to fill most of the 32 molds that I had. Everyone who has tried to use small molds in the cold saponification method would quess what the real chalenge was; everything can be properly made and according to the scedule, but literally at the end you have the the most frustrating of all problems, accidents in removing the little soaps from the molds. Because of this, after filling my molds I was waiting patiently for 6 days before removing them. It was good that I had all this time before the baptism after all. And I really loved the final result!little roses 5little roses 9

The soaps are about 45g each and they smell lavender.

So, my contribution for the guest treats -for the grownups was the content. The wonderful packaging for all quest treats, including
little roses 1the making of the fabric buttons, were covered by a very talented jewelry designer, Ioanna Koulouri, or better known as meet the cat.

The day of the baptism was a very happy one. The most suitable person for recording all the precious moments was the talented photographer Manolis Tsafos who, according to the photo-facts, was literally everywhere! He took amazing photoes -by far some of the most beautiful I have seen for similar occasions- four of which I am using hear.DSC 5569β